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We hand select crawfish based on size

Grades and Sizes

Unlike shrimp, there are no standard sizes for live crawfish. Here are some terms and general sizes we use when grading our product.

Premium Grade – DANG!! 

Dang!! That’s big! These are the biggest crawfish. IF YOU WANT TO BRAG these are the ones you want. Your friends and family are gonna be impressed. Everyone knows that size matters! The bigger the better. These crawfish are washed, cleaned & graded. They count about 18 per pound. They are delivered in our special red sacks. Unfortuately not every year produces these, but the years that do… definately order yours.

Select Grade – Large

This is our restaurant grade large-medium size. Most people are going to say these are “big” crawfish and many will brag that they are the best they have ever had. They will impress. These crawfish are washed, cleaned & graded. They are delivered in our special green sacks.

Quality Grade – Value

These are boat run, sight graded crawfish. A mixture of sizes. These crawfish are washed, cleaned and sight graded. They are delivered in our special purple sacks. At the beginning of the season, this is only what we sell. It’s a great mix. Until crawfish have grown to full size and there are enough to grade out, this is the standard and include the large ones. Once grading time starts, then this bag is mediums (my personal favorite).

Straight or Field Run Crawfish

Straight from the field, pond, or trap and not graded for size. Because crawfish can vary in size dramatically from field to field, we don’t ship field run crawfish. It’s just not worth disappointing a customer. Field run also includes turtles and snakes… something added that we don’t wish to surprise you with.


25 count and smaller,  used for fresh peeled tail meat.


We WASH all of our crawfish CLEAN. Crawfish come from the field or pond with lots of “extra” material including grass, bait, snakes and turtles. You’ll be happy to know that Cajuncrawfish does not ship field run and every crawfish we ship takes a bath!

We deliver to your door

We guarantee live crawfish

All of our live crawfish are cleaned, washed, and graded before shipment. We ship only the largest available product. Our focus is on size and quality. There are cheap crawfish and there are big crawfish, and big crawfish are not cheap. If you are going through all the trouble to impress your friends, you might as well get the best.

We only ship the best crawfish

Depending on the time of year, the grade may vary with extreme early and late season being worst case. In the heart of the season, you can depend on a select grade of crawfish approximately an 18 count or better. We do not guarantee a size, but we only use best available for retail.