Cajun Saves the (Memorial) Day!

Cajun Super Heroes

Y’all swamped us with orders for Cajun Crawfish for Memorial Day weekend. We hit record sales on!  Apparently, we were the only ones still shipping out crawfish.  Some customers called in saying that they had orders placed elsewhere, and they were called and told that their order would not ship out due to shortages, even though they had placed their orders weeks ago to ensure that they’d have some mud bugs for the holiday.  Well, we weren’t out!  Boudreaux was ready to go!

That’s the benefit of owning our own farm.  We had never run out until this week.  The flooding of the Atchafalaya Basin (due to the rising Mississippi River) has not affected our crawfish supply because we do not fish the Basin for our crawfish, as many of our competitors do.  You get crawfish straight from the farm in Branch, Louisiana! 


Unfortunately, we had to move up our deadline to order for Saturday delivery to the end of the day on Thursday.  We were getting too many orders to process in time.  Also, we did not want to risk not catching enough to fill all of the unexpected orders that we already had.  We apologize to the few who were unable to get crawfish for the weekend.


Thank y’all for your orders, and next season, when placing your orders, REMEMBER who took care of you for the holiday weekend!  Be sure to like us on Facebook and sign up for our weekly newsletters featuring great deals and hot Cajun Crawfish!