Crawfish Season Finally Here

After one of the coldest winters in a long time, crawfish season is finally in full swing. You would probably have to go back to 1989 or 90 to see a colder winter. That was the year we road four-wheelers on top of our crawfish ponds. We had a bad crawfish season that year as well.

People keep asking me what happened? Do they just go dormant? Hide in the mud? Honestly, we don’t know for sure and neither does LSU or ULL but my own opinion is that many die. Why? Well, simple we were seeing huge numbers of juvenile crawfish in late October and early November. I personally was predicting a bumper crop. Then the cold weather set in and never left or so it felt like at the time. If the crawfish had just gone dormant like they do for short periods on normal winters we would see and explosion of production at the first hint of warmer temps. That didn’t happen.

What we are seeing is big crawfish from nearly all fisherman and our own farm. Big crawfish in mean small populations they have lots of room to roam and plenty to eat. Well, the good news is that we have plenty of BIG crawfish to impress even the pickiest crawfish eaters.

We expect normal production from now until early June. Late season production as always will depend on temperatures. The hotter it gets the faster the season will end. We usually try to have product available until and through the 4th of July. We’ll keep you posted. For now, break out the pot and burner and enjoy some to finest crawfish on the planet. It’s Crawfish Time!!