Crawfish Delivery – Live LA Crawfish Shipping & Delivery

We deliver Live Crawfish or your money back!

We have been shipping live crawfish since 1983. We make every effort to ensure live delivery when you need it. We want to ensure that you’re getting the freshest possible crawfish, no matter where you live in the country. We ship all over the United States because we know that LA crawfish is the only boiling crawfish that people want. Order with Cajun Crawfish for your next crawfish boil and we’ll send them right away.

Here is what we do and why:

1 If we take your order, we ship it. No excuses.
2 We ship FedEx because they guarantee delivery.
3 FedEx rarely loses freight.
4 We track your crawfish and take your calls until it delivered, even on Saturday.
5 We don’t use airlines for retail shipments. It does not work. Freight is bumped, and your party is ruined.
6 We do offer Airline shipments for commercial customers and large volume shipments. To inquire, call our office at 888-254-8626

live crawfish delivery box

Bumped Freight

Airlines bump freight when they are overloaded. That means your crawfish don’t fly, and don’t show up. We have watched too many parties get ruined by bumped freight with airlines. We don’t recommend you try it. We get hundreds of calls each year on a Saturday afternoon from panicked callers who ordered from the airline guys at a cheaper rate. At that point, they are willing to pay any price to get crawfish for the hungry guests expecting to have crawfish. Of course, at that point, it’s too late.