Hurry ta da Hurricane Party!

Since we are in the peak of hurricane season, everyone is preparing for… Hurricane Parties!  Hurricane season typically lasts from June 1 through November 30, and leave it to the Cajuns to find something good about hurricane season!

Hurricanes are infamous for bringing lots of devastation via rains, winds, hail, and tornados, while people down south steadily prepare for the worst. When a hurricane chooses south Louisiana for its path, some people pack up and head for safety. Others stay home to defend their fort and prepare for a hurricane party with their friends and family! 

One thing you’ll find at almost every hurricane party are alcoholic beverages, hence the legendary mixed drink called a Hurricane. Some hurricane parties consist of feasts to clear out everyone’s fridge to prepare for long-term power outages.  

Whatever the reason may be for a hurricane party, they’re always fun for all and a great way to stay upbeat amidst all the destruction hurricanes bring.