Cajun Crawfish In the News
Cajunn Crawfish is making headlines!

As a company, we are always happy to get a little press and inform people about crawfish. Whether they are showcasing the Cajun Crawfish brand, how to eat crawfish, or helping to spread the Cajun culture, we are more than happy to put our two cents in!

WGNO – 3/22/2016

How do you like your crawfish served? WGNO reporter Stephanie Oswlad spoke to us to find out how crawfish get from the mud to your pot!

WGNO Crawfish Trivia Fun Facts Video

My New Orleans Life – March/April 2016

My New Orleans life recently cam out to the Cajun Crawfish farms to shoot a photo expose of crawfish farming and boils.

Pond to Pot Photo Expose

Cajun Crawfish Featured in Asia

WIA Channel on YouKu in China did a feature story on crawfish farming which included interviews and videos from the farm!

WIA Channel on YouKu in China Crawfish Story

Cajun Crawfish Website Press Release

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