Not your typical Louisiana crawfish season weather

What a week here and across the country. For us in Louisiana, dropping below the freezing mark is something to talk about, but when we stay below freezing and add precipitation to the picture, we’ve got a weather event on our hands. Friday morning we woke up to frozen-over boats, traps, and ponds. Check out our pictures at the end of our blog. That may have slowed us down a little, but we didn’t let the weather stop us completely. By the afternoon, the sun started coming up and we were back in business.

Unfortunately, after doing a test shipment, our crawfish still are not quite strong enough to survive the trip to your front door. This cold weather will send a lot of our crawfish into molting which will cause them to be even weaker for a little while. So be patient with us. Our goal is to send you crawfish that are alive, and the longer we wait, the more likely that will happen. Stay posted on our Cajun Crawfish Facebook page and Twitter page.

In the mean time, we’re offering a great alternative to live crawfish! Whole cooked then frozen crawfish is a great product that we’re really impressed by, and we’re proud to offer you this incredible Louisiana product. You get 100% usage and no possibility of receiving dead, unusable crawfish. All you have to do is heat it, season it, soak it, and eat it. We’ve got 5-lb and 10-lb orders available. What a great Valentine’s Day treat for your loved ones.

live crawfish, ice storm 2011, live crayfish, crawfish boat

After below freezing temperatures on Thursday night and Friday, our Cajun Crawfish boat is frozen over from the cold, wet weather.

live crawfish, live crayfish, ice storm of 2011, crawfish ponds
Our hundreds and hundreds of acres of ponds were a little colder than normal making our live crawfish shiver in their shells.

live crawfish, live crayfish, ice storm of 2011, crawfish traps

Our live crawfish traps felt the chill of the freezing rain as well.