Rice: All Hands on Deck

Combine and trucks in Fruge Aquafarms rice fieldsThe rice is tall and ready to cut. All hands are on deck. On a farm, all ages can help.
The stalks have been providing shade from the heat for our new crawfish that are being hatched right now.Ian in rice field

Combine at Fruge AquafarmsCombines harvest the upper one-third to one-half of the rice stalk, and then separate the grain from the stalk. The straw is blown back into the fields, while the grain is collected in a large hopper behind the combine.

Mark in tractorWhen the rice harvest is complete, crawfish will again take center stage. Preparations will be made to begin re-flooding the rice fields so the crawfish burrowed beneath them will come out with their babies and begin feeding on the recently cut rice stubble.

Ian & Aiden bringing in the rice