Sorry, So Far No Dang! That’s Big Live Crawfish for 2015

Here at Cajun Crawfish we pride ourselves on providing the best possible product for our customers.


We grade our boat run crawfish, as well as wash and clean each and every crawfish we sell. This allows us to provide the best graded live crawfish on the market, with no turtles or snakes in our crawfish sacks – meaning you get nothing but quality crawfish when you buy from us!

This year – thanks to weather and breeding conditions – we have a huge supply of crawfish to sell. Unfortunately, this also means that with more crawfish, they do not have the opportunity to grow to a size we feel comfortable labeling as Dang! That’s Big.

If you are looking forward to your upcoming crawfish boil, however, there is no reason to worry. We still have plenty of crawfish, including our large crawfish, big enough to still brag about. And while the size may not be gigantic, the taste is just as big!