The delicious, all natural Bixby Bars

All Natural Bixby Bars

The Bixby Bar is pure chocolate, completely free of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), preservatives or added sugars. The chocolate is combined with exotic spices, healthy nuts and dried fruits and all ingredients are natural or organic. The Bixby Bar reflects a rare combination of nutritious value and honed culinary expertise, providing a unique delight for the health-conscious chocolate connoisseur. We now have 5 flavors.


Organic Milk Chocolate + Walnuts + Dried Zante Currants + Vietnamese Cinnamon.

This is the perfect chocolate snack bar when playing the “links” or for that matter, when playing any other sport.  Its Organic Milk Chocolate is American made with no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and with RAC Cocoa (Rainforest Alliance Certified).

The chocolate is teamed with roasted California grown Walnuts; sweet and dark Vietnamese Cinnamon which is rich in flavor; and Sun Dried Zante Currants.  The origin of the word “currant” is unclear.  Most likely the name comes from a distortion of the name of the Hellenistic city “Corinth.”  It was from this location that currants were shipped across the ancient world.  These currants are petite in size and look just like miniature raisins.  A Zante Currant is reminiscent of raisins but with a lighter flavor.  Currants are low in calories and high in Vitamin C and fiber and they are preservative free.

 You’ll want to go a few rounds with MULLIGAN, again and again!

Organic 72% Dark Chocolate + Hazelnuts + Dried Black Currants +Fleur De Sel.
 Gluten Free, No GMOs and Handmade.

This bar has a sophisticated European touch, Vegan grounded in American ingenuity.

BIRDIE introduces Hudson Valley grown Black Currants that have made their long awaited come back into America.   These Black Currants are mixed into a rich Organic Dark Chocolate with roasted California grown Hazelnuts and enhanced with hint of French Fleur De Sel, which has been harvested off the Brittany Coast of France.

The layers of flavors complement each other, offering a delicacy of an artisan chocolate snack bar that is low in calories, sugar and fat and high in antioxidants, natural fiber, Vitamin C and Omega-3s.  The Black Currant is a berry, not to be confused with a Zante Currant, which is a raisin and it derives its name, Ribes, from an ancient Arabic word and has been used in both food and medicine for centuries.

Never settle for par…Always be ahead of the game with BIRDIE.

Organic Milk Chocolate + Peanuts +Dried Bing Cherries + Chipotle Pepper.  
Gluten free, no GMOs

KnockOut  is an adventuresome version of the Bixby Bar.  It is a yummy tasting organic milk chocolate filled with roasted peanuts which are grown in the U.S., plump dried Bing cherries grown in in the U.S. (the most flavorful  variety of sweet cherries that turn deep purple when ripe) and then, we add a little more than a hint of a rich, ground red Chipotle pepper with the smoky heat of whole Chipotle peppers.

Wow,This Little Bar Packs a Punch!

Organic dark chocolate + wild Maine blueberries + walnuts + Tellicherry pepper.
Vegan, Gluten free, no GMOs and Handmade.

Premium organic dark chocolate is filled with wild Maine blueberries which have a natural, sweet taste and are full of antioxidants; and, with delicious roasted walnuts grown in California; and, then we spice it with a touch of ground Tellicherry pepper, the finest and highest grade of black pepper available from Southern India, where each peppercorn is vine-ripened to ensure a full, rich flavor.

Organic dark chocolate+ dried strawberries + almonds + Ceylon cinnamon.
Vcgan, Gluten Free, No GMOs and Handmade.

Organic dark chocolate is paired with dried strawberries (Strawberries are the most popular berry in the U.S. and are an excellent source of Vitamin C and are an antioxidant superstar), then we add crunchy, roasted almonds and Ceylon cinnamon, for a delicate and subtle complexity of flavor when compared to other stronger tasting cinnamons.