The Great Mississippi Flood of 2011

As Cajuns pack up and move out, high waters and mosquitoes are moving in! With all of the severe weather we have seen nationally has really put a strain on our good ol’ Mississippi River.  President Obama has declared it a state of emergency here in south Louisiana do to all the potential flooding.

As the decision nears for government officials to make the final decision about whether it’s best to open the Morganza Spillway, Acadians are on the edge. If the Morganza Spillway is open, it will hopefully save Baton Rouge and New Orleans from any major flooding, but the consequence is drowning several other small towns throughout Acadiana.  Several other states have already seen some of the havoc this flood is bringing.

While many of our Acadiana neighbors are preparing for the flood, our farm and everyone here at Cajun Crawfish is just far enough away from the great Mississippi River to be out of harm’s way. We would like for everyone to keep those affected by this flood in your thoughts as they go through this disaster.