The Rice Rush

It’s the prime time to harvest rice all over south Louisiana, and boy, have our farmers been busy!

A Rice Field in AugustA Rice Field in June




The rice stalks have turned golden brown in coloring, indicating that it’s time to be harvested. The rice is harvested with a large machine known as a “combine”. These massive machines have an attachment on the front known as a “header” (this is where all the ‘cutting and separating’ work is done). The combine stores the cut grain/rice in its extremely large bin pulled behind one of the farm’s large tractors.Tractor 



The rice is moved from the tractor’s bin into the storage container on a ‘rice truck’. Rice trucks come in various shapes and sizes, some look like dump trucks with others are 18-wheelers with open top trailers.  The rice trucks then bring the grains to the rice bins. These metal bins range in size and are used as a safe storage area for the rice. The grains must be kept at a specific humidity and moisture level and temperatures in the bins need monitoring, to prevent spoilage of the rice.





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