What if We Had Crawfish This Size?

Giant Lobster women- giant crawfish?

Some of you may have seen the news last week; The largest lobster ever caught in Maine was caught off of the coast of Maine, and man what that one whopper of a crustacean! In one picture on the Reuters News website had a woman holding it like it was the family dog. In another photo it was as big as a little boy that looked like he was going to ride it!

The Lobster, nicknamed “Rocky” was 40 inches long and weighed in at 27 lbs. Rocky was big, but according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s largest lobster was a beast of a 44-pounder caught off Nova Scotia back in 1977.

What, No Party?

So what did these fisherman do with Rocky? Did they buy a bigger pot, some beer and invite all of the neighbors over for a party?No, they didn’t, they let old Rocky go… Many of you know what they did wrong, they named him! Folks who grow up around farms and ranches know that you don’t name your food!

Now I could be wrong, but I bet that if someone was to pull a giant prehistoric 27 lb. crawfish out of a pond down here in Cajun country there would be one heck of a big party. The neighbors wouldn’t be going to bed hungry that night!
That’s one thing we love about crawfish, folks ain’t afraid to share em!

Photo credit: x-ray delta one