Where Did All the Cajun Crawfish Geaux?

A word from PawPaw Boudreaux Why… Why …Why? This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind- Why is crawfish season coming to an end so soon? Typically, crawfish season lasts until around the 4th of July, but this season it may be brought to a close a bit early.

The weather caused us to have a late start to the season and now might cause us to have an early end too! Temperatures in the month of June are about 10º higher than average. We experienced temperatures of about 100 º everyday last week here on the farm in Branch, LA.

With these high temperatures, the crawfish can feel the heat of the pond water and are trying to escape it.  The crawfish flee these rising temperatures by burying themselves in the muddy walls of the pond for some cool, refreshing relief.

Though this season maybe rather short, it was no less successful! The crawfish were a great size and amazing quality. Thanks to all our faithful customers and friends that helped make the 2011 crawfish season happen. Be sure and sign up for our e-mail newsletter and become our friend on Facebook to stay up-to-date with Cajun Crawfish even during our off season.