What Is Whole Boiled Crawfish?

Whenever people visit our website and see our whole boiled crawfish, they often ask what that is. We take pride in saying that ours is the best. We take crawfish at the peak of the season, partially cook them and then flash freeze them. We do not add seasoning to this because it would deteriorate the product, but we do supply seasoning so that you can finish cooking them in our spice. The beauty of this, is that our crawfish stay whole and do not fall into pieces. It boils down to this (PUN INTENDED), our whole cooked crawfish is better. Period. We are always amazed that our competitors use IQF or Individually Quick Frozen crawfish. Let us show you why whole cooked is better with this easy pros and cons list:


fresher tasting
not rubbery
easier to cook


rubbery texture
not fresh tasting

freezer burnt

It’s a short list, but it’s pretty straightforward.

The reason why whole cooked crawfish is better is because it’s frozen in the water it was boiled in, which allows for a more protected product. Ask yourself a question. If you’ve ever frozen fish before, did you just wrap the fish in a bag and freeze it, or did you fill the bag with water first before freezing? Most fishermen in Louisiana would freeze their fish in bags of water because it keeps the fish fresher than if you were to just put it in the bag. The same idea applies to crawfish. It keeps it fresher and tastier.

Whenever you IQF crawfish, the meat becomes rubbery in texture and loses all flavor completely and usually the claws fall off. Coming from someone who has had both styles of crawfish out of season, I can say without a doubt in my mind that our Whole Cooked Crawfish is far superior in quality and flavor than IQF crawfish.

Give it a shot and place an order today. We want to provide you with crawfish year round.


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