Y’all get ready!

Well we were out in our ponds today lookin’ for crawfish. (Check out our videos on Facebook if you haven’t already). Safe to say, the cold weather has kept the crawfish in the mud instead of crawlin’ into our traps. (What we have been catching are pretty small and probably not strong enough to make it to your door alive). In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been pretty cold here lately as it has been for most of the rest of the country. And it’s gonna get colder here for a little while they say.

So we’re not selling just quite yet. But we think in about a month, we should be movin’ and groovin’ with live crawfish! At that point, they’ll be much bigger and stronger than they are right now. We know y’all are just as ready as we are. We get e-mail after e-mail, call after call asking when are we gonna have live crawfish. We hear y’all. We just want to be sure we’re shipping the very best product  to our customers.

To hold you over though until then, we’ve got fresh baked King Cakes, alligator fillet meat, and Gulf jumbo shrimp. Call (888) 254-8626 or look through the rest of the website to order.

Also, don’t forget to register for 10 lbs of free live crawfish delivered right to your door. We’re picking one lucky winner a week during crawfish season.