10 Reasons Crawfish are as Unique as Louisiana

Let’s face it, there is no other place quite like the Bayou State.

Whether you live in Louisiana or just love the natural beauty, people, and culture, there is something about Cajun Country that grabs ahold of people and refuses to let go. Here at CajunCrawfish.com we love our Louisiana heritage almost as much as we love crawfish. Fortunately, crawfish are as unique as the place they call home.

  1. They come in way more colors than red. You can find rare ones that are blue, white, orange, green, and pretty much any other color of the rainbow. They all turn red once boiled though.
  2. Crawfish can drown and have inner gills so they can live out of water.
  3. Of the over 500 species of crawfish, only 2 species are eaten.
  4. The earliest crawfish fossil is about 30 million years old and evidence of 100 million year old burrows were found in Australia.
  5. A crawfish’s eyes can move independently from each other.
  6. While walking, they move forward, but they swim backwards.
  7. Louisiana’s Official Crustacean is the crawfish.
  8. They can grow back lost legs and claws.
  9. They molt once a year and eat their former skeleton to regain the calcium and phosphates they need.
  10. Crawfish feed at night.

And one more little fact about our little friends…they taste absolutely delicious. Fortunately for you, CajunCrawfish.com lets you get crawfish delivered right to your front door! Whether you are looking for live crawfish in season, or whole boiled crawfish year-round, we deliver fast so you can enjoy these amazing crustaceans anytime.