While CajunCrawfish does not ask for testimonials, sometimes customers feel the need to share their thoughts on their buying experience.

We do not ask for them to provide any personal information, but if they’re okay with us putting their name, first, last, or both, we will include it with their testimonial. If you’re interested in sharing your thoughts, call us and leave some feedback, good or bad. We’re alway listening to our customers.


“Just wanted to let you know how happy my son was when he received the live crawfish I ordered from you for his Florida crawfish boil! He was very happy with them because when he opened it up they didn’t smell, were very clean, and better than the ones he ordered from someone else. He said he will be keeping your number for the next time he wants to order. Again thank you for helping me make my son a happy man!”
Mary Helwig

“I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and making MY First Crawfish Boil a raving success. I had no idea what to expect on Saturday June 4th except knowing that after my Sons graduation I was going to have 30 or so hungry friends. I was very nervous hearing all kinds of war stories about shipments not arriving. So you know that I was relieved when my youngest son text me at the graduation, telling me that the crawfish had arrived. I told him to read the instructions that came with them. He did and he followed them to the letter. He did have couple over aggressive crawfish which gave him a good pinch. Other than that we were ready to go when I got home. Stoked up the 82 qt pot(which was not big enough) next time more potsI did use the Styrofoam boxes to hold the crawfish in. Also washed them out and steamed the veggies  with added spice. I had a family from Slidell, born and bread Cajun, I was a little nervous about that too. Everything went great except for some that wanted more spice. I am very confident about doing another boil. When I do you folks will be the first people I will call. Thank you for making it a very memorable day.”
Joe Murphy

I followed the instructions and shared the mudbugs with a dozen of our closest friends, adding mussels, shrimp, and clams, in addition to the requisite corn, potatoes, and mushrooms.  We were at it for over three hours, and everyone had a grin on their faces. Thanks again!”

“I cannot begin to tell you what a great time my friends and family had on Sunday. In addition to your delicious live crawfish, I smoked a duck and had all the potatoes and corn you could eat. We will do it again soon. Thank you for how easy and painless you made this happen.”
Paul Watson and family

“I am writing to thank you all for the wonderful live crawfish you shipped us. We cooked the tasty little critters on Saturday and enjoyed them with our family and friends. We loved your spices and had a wonderful day. Thanks again, and hopefully we will be calling you next year to make this an annual event.”
The Williams Family Estell Manor , New Jersey

“Just wanted to let you know that I tried your live crawfish for the first time this past weekend. The experience was GREAT! We all had a great time; lots of fun. I also wanted to thank you for your quick response to a message that I left. I had a question concerning crawfish that had died since I had them delivered a day prior to using them, and you called back very promptly. THANKS.”
David Tomblin Livonia, MI

“I thought I’d drop you a note to let you know how happy I was to get live crawfish and excellent seasoning from you guys.  I live in Nashville, Tn, and I was reminded of my hometown in Southeast Texas.  They were nice-sized, on time, and well-packaged.   I will be ordering more, and soon my friends will be customers, too. Thanks again.”
Rebecca Elrod

“I cannot express my happiness enough to you. Up here in New England we are famous for our clam and lobster bakes, not our crawfish boils…but we are now. We could not have been happier with the quality and quantity of our little bugs. Out of the 15 pounds of live crawfish that were sent only 10…yes only 10 crawfish didn’t make the pot and that was after storing them an additional 24 hours while waiting to cook them. They were a huge hit and I cannot thank you enough for your help in making this a wonderful new family tradition. You have earned a lifelong customer for sure, as I had no idea what I was doing but with your healthy live crawfish, and simple instructions, I looked like a pro.”

“We just had our first live crawfish of the year and they were awesome!  I’ve been a steady customer since 2000 and your product has always been great. This batch of live crawfish was incredibly fresh. They were as lively and as ornery they were the moment you plucked them out of the water. We do a lot of seafood here by the Chesapeake but we can’t get these! Great job.”
The Capone’s (Baltimore, MD)

“I just wanted to send a quick note and let you know the King Cake arrived in one piece and was quite the hit at our VA hospital visit. Thank you again for your excellent customer service and good-tasting King Cake.”

“Thanks for getting this out! The tails arrived just a short while ago! You guys are the best.”
Robert Young, AIA

“Thanks CajunCrawfish.com. My sister and I sent live crawfish to our Dad in Ohio for Father’s Day. He said it was the best Father’s Day present he had gotten. I was a little nervous at first and I had a small problem, but your very helpful staff fixed me right up and everything worked out perfectly. I will be a return customer.”
Debra Abbott – Houston TX.

“A couple weeks ago I purchased the 15 lb. sack of live crawfish plus shrimp. I followed your cooking instructions including the ice after cooking, and it was the best I have ever eaten – anywhere. You now have a regular customer.”

“The live crawfish were awesome! Everything was perfect. Thanks”
Kevin Beever

“Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I was very pleased with the overall experience working with Cajun Crawfish Company. The shipment arrived mid-day Saturday and we maybe had just over a pound out of 30 pounds that didn’t get their warm bath at 5:00pm that day. The size and quality were excellent and 10 of us enjoyed getting our mudbug fix. Four of us are heading down to NOLA in two weeks and will undoubtedly be comparing with the local preparations. Thanks again!”
Charles Poe

“I’m writing to tell you that I was really glad to order from Cajun Crawfish!  I ordered 30 pounds of live crawfish to throw my wife a crawfish boil for her first Mother’s Day.  I called a few times earlier in the week to make sure it would get here in time, and I was very pleased with the helpfulness of the friendly operator.  Sure enough, I ordered the live crawfish on Wednesday afternoon, and the insulated box was waiting for me on Friday evening, as promised.  I was impressed that there were very few dead crawfish (less than 10, I would say) when I unpacked the bag for cooking.

We’ve been ordering from CajunCrawfish.com for 11 years and they just keep getting better.  We live in the Midwest where it’s  a little difficult to get live crawfish and everyone always asks where we get the crawfish from. Some have even started their own crawfish parties since ours is only once a year. At first we started out with just 10 pounds, now we get 30 lbs. and a potluck of other fixins. One year we made the mistake of ordering from another farm and will never do that again.  The other farms’ crawfish weren’t as clean or robust looking as the Fruge Farm and we will remain ever faithful to them. Thanks”
Tim & Sherrill Hartzog

“Boudreaux: The Sampler Pack and shrimp came as ordered about 10 a.m. on June 9!!! We took them camping with some friends, and they were great! Just as we remember eating them several years ago when in Louisiana. Really did impress these ‘Yankees’!!! Having fresh shrimp is a treat up here, too!! We will be ordering again.”
Gary Maben

“I just ordered and cooked crawfish from you the first time for my 40th birthday party. They were a big success, and the seasoning you included was great. I don’t know if my wife will let me fly in live crawfish for awhile, but dealing with your company helped make the first time a good experience. Thanks. I can’t wait to get down to Louisiana and try some more Cajun food. – P.S. I followed the cooking instructions from your site as well, though I had a couple more beers than the recipe recommended.”
Kevin Lohrey

I ordered the flash frozen 5 pounder crawfish for my husband’s birthday meal. Nearly every year I try to do something crawfish as it is his favorite. Just wanted to tell you what we ordered was on point! He said it was the best we have ever had since living here in Tennessee (5 year span). Thank you for the assist in making his day!
Kristina Trosper