The Turducken

Well, the story we’ve been told is that one crisp fall day the heavens parted and the perfect food floated down to Earth, placing itself elegantly onto the table. The family sat eagerly wondering what this gift could be. When the creation was sliced and served, they knew that it was good.

While this may not be the actual story of how the first Turducken was made, we think it is a pretty fair assessment of how your family will feel when they sit down and realize the special gift you are providing for dinner.

While the concept of the Turducken has been around for quite awhile, it has become especially popular in the past few years, partly due to John Madden when he carved one during a National Football League game. And now, you can order Turduckens online from us.

What makes a Turducken?

The word Turducken is a blend of the words Turkey, Duck, and Chicken from which the meal is made. This dish is actually what is known as engastration, which is a culinary tactic of stuffing one animal inside the gastric passage of another and then cooking them as one. The process seems strange, but the result is absolutely delicious. Especially whenever one of our incredible stuffings are shoved inside.

The chicken is deboned, stuffed inside the deboned duck, and then stuffed inside the deboned turkey. Turduckens are normally also stuffed with dressing between the different meats to add additional flavor.

A meal for any occasion

While Turducken has become a popular dish around the Thanksgiving holiday, you can enjoy it year-round. While it may be difficult to find at your local butcher or chain store, online stores like CajunCrawfish have the ability to ship Turducken right to your door.
Whether it is for a holiday meal, a graduation party, a retirement party, or simply a Sunday afternoon, this is a dish best served when you want to entertain and give your guests something they will talk about and compare every subsequent dinner to.

Buy your Turducken from CajunCrawfish today!

If you want to give your dinner guests a culinary experience they will remember order a Turducken online today. We have 14 pound Turduckens with a variety of stuffings that will serve up to twenty of your closest friends and family. We’ll give you information on how to cook your turducken as well. We ship in specialty cold storage containers that will keep the bird(s) cold until you’re able to put it in your fridge. 


Note: Do not try to deep fry a Turducken. 

Since it is deboned, it will fall apart