6 Tips for the Perfect Memorial Day Crawfish Boil

Memorial Day Crawfish Boil Pot and Paddle

Planning Your Memorial Day Crawfish Boil
Memorial Day is just around the corner and the warm weather party season is officially in high gear. So to get things started off on the right note, why not throw a Memorial Day crawfish boil? After all, a crawfish boil is as American as hot dogs and burgers, only a lot more fun to eat!

Of course, if you have never hosted a crawfish boil then this may sound a bit intimidating. But what exactly is necessary to have a successful Memorial Day crawfish boil? So, glad you asked! Here are some tips for throwing the perfect crawfish boil – no matter where you live.

Memorial Day party, Crawfish and Beer
6 Tips for the Perfect Memorial Day Crawfish Boil
1. Order at least 3 pounds of live crawfish per person who will attend. (Rule of thumb for purchasing food for a Louisiana crawfish boil– 60 pounds of crawfish will feed 15 – 30 guests; 90 pounds should feed 25 -30 guests.)

2. A few days before your Memorial Day crawfish boil, check to see that you have paper products – don’t forget newspaper to line the serving table with, propane for the grill, a large pot (think big – perhaps grandma’s big stew pot!) and an equally large paddle with which to stir the pot. You will also want to order, or reserve the crawfish, so that on Memorial Day, you can just go pick up your crawfish. To keep it truly patriotic, you can even ask for some of the blue and white crawfish, too!

3. On the day before you do your shopping. Be sure to also pick up corn on the cob, potatoes and onions to toss in the boil along with your crawfish seasonings, plenty of beer and lots of ice! You may also want to include watermelon, as a dessert, as the sweetness of the melon is great foil to the spices and heat of the Louisiana crawfish boil seasoning.

4. When your guests begin to arrive for your Memorial Day crawfish boil, you will want to be ready to start cooking. Place that large pot on your bruner, fill it with your seasonings, and of course, a healthy amount of beer and add the potatoes first –these will take the longest time to cook! Now, when it comes to the perfect recipe for the proper Louisiana crawfish boil, there is a wealth of opinions, so be sure to check out our How To Boil Crawfish page to determine what appeals to you.

5. When the cooking is complete, drain the basket and pour down the center of a newspaper lined table or, you can put the food in several Styrofoam containers lined with foil. Then give out a holler, and let everyone know the Memorial Day crawfish boil is ready to devour.

6. Every good party needs some entertainment, so consider having live music or a DJ, plenty of games and places for mingling and dancing.
And there you have it – the steps to planning a perfect Memorial Day crawfish boil. So, whatcha waiting for? Get those invitations out and get ready to have a great Memorial Day crawfish boil!

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