Cajun Crawfish: Packing 101

Cajun Crawfish: Packing 101

Ever wonder how our Cajun Crawfish get across the country… alive? It’s truly a science, and we have become experts at it! It all begins in the crawfish boat where they are removed from the traps and sacked. Once the crawfish are returned to the farm in Branch, LA they are washed, graded, and sacked by weights. The crawfish must then cool down in our massive cooler so that they aren’t shocked by the temperature drop when they get boxed up.

Once the crawfish are at the right temperature, they are ready to be packed. The Cajun crawfish are left in a mesh sack and placed in a very durable Styrofoam ice chest. This specially made ice chest is key to keeping the mudbugs alive! A wet burlap sack is then placed on top of the crawfish to keep them moist on their trip. Then frozen gel packs are placed on the top to keep the crawfish cool and alive. Lastly, seasoning is included with all crawfish orders and will be the final item included before the ice chest is closed.

Every order of crawfish has a packing slip which includes storage instructions, cooking instructions, and a few other helpful hints… so be sure you don’t throw it away! Once everything is all packed up and ready for shipping, it’s loaded onto the FedEx truck and delivered to your front door.

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