Crawfish, A.K.A …

Crawfish are a famous dish around the world! Though you may not know them as craw fish, I’m sure you’ve seen the little critters… most of you have even tasted a few!

Most Cajuns typically use the term crawfish, but people have created multiple names for them.  Maybe you’re more familiar with the word crayfish, crawdads, and mud bugs. These terms are typically used more by people living anywhere north of South Louisiana. Another term you may be familiar with is écrevisse; this term was used by our French ancestors and is still used by some traditional Cajuns today.

One thing is for sure, no matter if you call them, craw fish, écrevisse, crayfish crawfish, crawdads or just mud bugs, we love them! Can wait for Cajun Crawfish season 2012… coming soon!!

Laissez la Crawfish roulez!