It is one of the most common questions you will hear in Louisiana and other states

in the Southeastern US. For people in Louisiana especially, there is nothing like the spicy smell of boiling crawfish to let you know that spring has finally sprung.

Crawfish season is not as easily defined as other seasons, such as crab or shrimp, because it is not legally regulated. However, that is not to say that there is not the “ideal time” to purchase and eat live crawfish. There are actually three factors that play heavily into when crawfish season happens:

  1. The Crawfish are readily available.
  2. They are cheap enough to afford.
  3. They are big enough to enjoy and be worth the effort.
In a normal year, these three planets align around the beginning of March and the season ends sometime in June.
What Causes Crawfish Season?

Rain and temperature have the biggest effect on when Crawfish season actually begins. Crawfish need a lot of rain and warmer temperatures to grow, and this usually happens in late February or early March. However, if the winter is exceptionally wet, and then warmer temperatures creep in early, you will see crawfish prices drop a little earlier.

And if the Crawfish are ready to boil, so are Louisianans.

Crawfish Supply and Demand

As far as the price and size of the crawfish, it really comes down to supply and demand. It’s simple economics, really. As the amount of available crawfish goes up, so does the demand for them. One crawfish boil leads to another, to another, and pretty soon crawfish farms are overrun with people hungry for their spring treat. However, the crowding at the crawfish farms – of both crawfish and people – means that the crawfish size will start to decrease. It is the job of the crawfish farmers to find a balance in their harvesting to help keep a steady supply of crawfish, while meeting the demands of the consumer.

Can You Buy Live Crawfish Year-Round?

The short answer here is yes. When out of season, you can switch to our cooked crawfish. This is a great alternative, and if cooked correctly, tastes exactly like the live crawfish.

If you would like to purchase live, Louisiana crawfish, we have a great selection and can ship them to you fast! Check out our Live Crawfish page to find the perfect solution to your next crawfish boil!

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