Crawfishin’ with Cajun Crawfish

How many people actually know how crawfishing works? Today we will take a journey to Branch, LA to see how Cajun crawfish get from our ponds to your front door! First off, the weather is PERFECT for fishin’! Spring officially kicks off this weekend, so it should be a beautiful day for our tour!

Crawfishing is done in a special kind of boat in which the propeller actually digs into the mud below to move the boat along. In this boat there is a “catch table” where crawfish can be sorted through and placed into their appropriate sacks. This is surprisingly a one man job; all it takes to make the dream come true is one man and one boat! We have uploaded a great video onto our website and also onto our Facebook page, so be sure to check it out to get an upclose view of how it’s done by a professional!

Though this is considered the peak of crawfish season, there seems to be a ‘drought’ of crawfish this year. Cajun crawfish are scarce and prices are high. We believe this is due to the dry weather at the end of 2010 and the extreme cold in the beginning of 2011. Though there isn’t much crawfish, the quality is great! This year’s quality is definitely more predominant than quantity. Our cajun crawfish are live, large, and lookin’ for a party!

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If the link above did not work, you can paste this into your search strip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYxUDcqTd2o