Debunked: 5 Myths About Crawfish

Crawfish are a big deal in Southern Louisiana.

In fact, most Louisianans wait (somewhat impatiently) every year for the first crawfish to be ready to boil. We throw extravagant parties centered around these delightful crustaceans.

But with all of the hoopla comes confusion. In fact, there are several myths about crawfish that are commonly held throughout crawfish county.

Let’s dispel some of these:

  1. Don’t Eat the Straight Ones! – The persistent myth that crawfish with straight tails were dead and therefore not okay to eat has been around as long as people have been boiling. The truth is, crawfish with straight tails only get that way because of being crowded up against the side of the pot. As long as the meat comes out of the tail, they are perfectly safe to eat.
  2. Use Salt to Purge Crawfish – Many people believe that placing crawfish in a tub of salt water for a few hours will force the mudbugs to purge out any waste. This is simply not the case. If you truly want to purge crawfish, they need to be flushed for several hours with extremely-fresh, oxygenated water. Go ahead and save your salt.
  3. Crawfish Are High in Fat – This is another myth that is simply wrong. Crawfish are actually quite healthy and are low in fat, trans fat, and saturated fat.
  4. Crawfish Eaters Make Better Lovers – Well, how did this one get on the list?! This one – as any good Cajun can attest – is absolutely true.
  5. You Have to Come to Louisiana to Get Quality Crawfish – While it may be true that the best crawfish come from Louisiana (and we like to think Branch, LA is the center of all the best), you don’t have to travel to the Pelican State to enjoy them thanks to fast delivery and low prices from!

Can you think of any other crawfish myths we missed? Let us know and we can cover them in future entries (we may even give you a shout out). And until then, let us know what we can do to make your next crawfish boil one to remember.