Debunked: 5 Myths About Turduckens

Every year Turduckens gain in popularity. From its first appearance with John Madden, people have wondered about this amazing bird…or…birds.

As the folklore surrounding Turduckens has grown, so have many of the myths surrounding them. Every day we get questions about Turduckens and whether they are the right choice at their holiday meal.

Let’s dispel some of these:

  1. Turduckens are Unhealthy – While you are not going to find a Turducken on the list of healthy eats this holiday season, it is not accurate that the Turducken is worse for you than a traditional Thanksgiving turkey. Our Turduckens are stuffed with boneless, skinless chicken and duck breasts, which helps to eliminate a lot of the calories. Overall, Turduckens are chock-full of delicious protein.
  2. The Kids Won’t Like It – If your children like Thanksgiving turkey, they will absolutely love the turkey meat of the Turducken. Plus, they will be able to try something a little bit different and brag to their friends about what they had at the holiday dinner table.
  3. Turduckens are Hard to Cook – This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it could be argued that Turduckens are actually easier to cook than a traditional turkey. To be honest, there is a fine line between a juicy, delicious turkey and one that looks like it was set out in the sun too long. There is no surprise with Turduckens, however. They are self-basting, and are done as soon as they reach the proper internal temperature.
  4. Thanksgiving Won’t Be the Same – To be completely honest, is this really a bad thing? Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to spend with your family and friends, but you have to admit: turkey can get a bit old. Turduckens look something like a turkey, but are an absolute flavor explosion. You will not be disappointed with a little change this holiday season.
  5. Turduckens are Difficult to Get – Totally not true! At, not only do we have Turduckens in stock, but they ship out the next business day so you can have a Turducken when you need it this holiday season.

Can you think of any other Turducken myths we missed? Let us know and we can cover them in future entries (we may even give you a shout out). And until then, let us know what we can do to make your next holiday dinner one to remember.