Celebrate Father’s Day with a Crawfish Boil!

photo via http://www.flickr.com/photos/xhero

When it comes to celebrating our fathers, there are many ways it can be done; but if you live in a region where crawfish are plentiful, a fun option for everyone is with a Father’s Day crawfish Boil. And if you don’t have access to crawfish where you live we’d be happy to ship some to you!

“A Louisiana Crawfish Boil on Father’s Day?” you might ask. Sure, why not! After all, boiling crawfish is not something that only dads can prepare. True…in most scenarios it is Dad who manages the grill, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider this, to have a rockin’ crawfish boil one only needs a “few key elements.” These are a large pot, a heat source, some crawfish boil seasonings, live crawfish and an assortment of veggies and meats. As you set up for this celebration of Dad, be sure to have dad resting in a comfortable location –complete with the cold beverage of his choosing, some reading material and whatever else you have available to help dad stay relaxed.
When you call the family to the table. Be sure dad is first in line!Real Men Boil Crawfish!
Of course, if you have always depended on Dad to handle the LA crawfish boil, then you may need some basic instructions —and not the ones that begin with, “Dad, can you do fill in the blank.” Click here for some simple directions for making dad a fantastic Cajun crawfish Father’s Day feast.

Hmmm… Celebrating Father’s Day with a crawfish boil sounds like a party that should happen often! If you need help celebrating Father’s Day (or any other event) with a Louisiana crawfish boil, give Cajun Crawfish a call. We would love to be a part of your celebration