Get ‘Em While It’s Hot

Boudin, pronounced boo-deh, is the definition of true Cajun cuisine and has been around for two centuries! When our Cajun ancestors, the Acadians, started the boudin legacy in the early 1800, they never expected it to be a dish we would be proud to share with the world.

The first noted link of boudin ever created used buffalo meat and other scraps.A more familiar type of boudin uses pork instead of buffalo. This more traditional type of boudin includes pork scraps, rice, onions, and seasoning all incased into pig intestines. Most places have become a lot more modernized and now use sausage casing as an alternative packing source. When boucheries (gatherings to butcher livestock, usually a pig) were held, the Cajuns refused to waste any usable parts of the pig; therefore the intestines were used as a sleeve.

Boudin was known for being economical, tasty, and convenient; now, boudin is known as a landmark in Cajun culinary culture. Now to spice up the flavor, southern cooks have been experimenting with other types of meat such as crawfish and shrimp. Another great spin on boudin is the boudin balls. Boudin balls take all the traditional ingredients of boudin, roll them into a ball, and deep fry them… Nothing says southern comfort like deep fried foods!

Whatever your preference for boudin, there’s no doubt about it…. Ç’est Bon!