Happy Easter

It’s Holy Week here in the heart of Cajun country, and man… are we busy! This is the week that many religions celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Being that South Louisiana is predominantly a Catholic area it’s a major affair. As families gather to spend the holiday together, who could resist some red hot Cajun Crawfish?

Today is Good Friday and in this area it’s treated much like Easter Sunday. Most businesses are closed, lots of traveling, and beaucoup crawfish boils!

One of the most famous traditions throughout Acadiana is “pocking” eggs. After your eggs are boiled, dyed, and dried, they’re ready to be pocked! Everyone picks an egg of their choice and prepares for battle. When you and your competitor have chosen your eggs, grasp the egg around the middle with one hand. The objective is to have the strongest egg. Take turns “pocking” each other’s eggs, on either the top or the bottom of the egg by tapping them against one another. Take on as many competitors as you can without breaking your egg. The last egg standing wins!

Hope everyone is inspired to try out our Cajun Easter custom! We’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter holiday!