While the Turducken has a long, and illustrious history, they have really gained in popularity in the past couple of decades. The reasons for this are many, but one of the major contributors to the growth in Turducken popularity and sales in none other than football commentator, John Madden.

John Madden’s love for the Turducken is well-known among football fans, but people less familiar with the sport – and even the casual fan – may not be familiar with how the love affair began.

The First Taste

It all started in New Orleans. Mr. Madden was presented a Turducken during a broadcast of a Saints game. In his own words, he described the experience:

“The first one I ever had I was doing a game in New Orleans,” Mr. Madden said. ”The P.R. guy for the Saints brought me one. And he brought it to the booth. It smelled and looked so good. I didn’t have any plates or silverware or anything, and I just started eating it with my hands.”

This began a love – which sometimes seemed to border on obsession – and became a common theme during the football season for many years to come. When Mr. Madden would do broadcasts, he would reference the Turducken consistently. In fact, he even brought a Turducken onto a 1997 broadcast on Thanksgiving and began carving it on air.

Turducken Awards

John Madden’s love of the Turducken was so profound that he even began giving Turduckens away to players for a great game. During the Thanksgiving Bowl on Fox Sports, he awarded the players of the winning team a Turducken for their win.

The Turducken references and sighting went on for years, and while John Madden stopped referencing the delicacy for one reason or another, the Turducken name was forever carved into the hearts and minds of football fans across America.

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