Pre-Boiled Crawfish??

Though crawfish season is over, there is no need to bury your craving for some hot boiled Cajun Crawfish, because we have a solution! We are now selling Pre-Boiled Crawfish.

These crawfish are first ‘par-boiled’, without seasoning, here on the farm in Branch, LA for preservation.  The crawfish are then packaged and frozen. The crawfish is shipped to your front door in a Styrofoam ice chest. Once you receive the crawfish, your first task is to defrost them without opening the bag they were packaged in.  

Now you’re ready to finish cooking the little critters! Bring your pot of water to a boil and add in your Fruge Seasoning Mix, this will be provided in the same ice chest as your crawfish.  Drain your bag of crawfish and place the mudbugs into the boiling water and… Voila! You may add more seasoning to taste, depending on just how hot you like ‘em!

There will be a full set of instruction with your order, and our friendly staff is always willing to answer your questions! So don’t wait until next season, get your Cajun Crawfish fix any time of year!