Question & Answer: How Many Pounds of Crawfish do I Need?

By Patrick D. Bonin

That’s a common question, but lots of variables play into providing a really good answer.

Are you serving a group of hungry Cajuns familiar with peeling and eating mudbugs? Or is this is a gathering of first-timers experiencing the wonders of their initial crawfish boil? How many women and children will be eating – they typically eat quite a bit less than the average guy. And are you including sausage, corn, potatoes and other “sides” in the boil?

You see, lots of factors play into coming up with a good number for your particular party. But here in south Louisiana (where we are admittedly experienced crawfish fanatics who probably eat more per person than other places,) many people figure on three to five pounds per attendee. But this is just an average: remember, a couple of folks might not eat much or just a couple of pounds, but one hungry guy can easily knock down 10 pounds worth and go back for more.

So try to gauge your party’s appetite, mudbug experience and male/female/child ratio. But typically, allowing 3-5 pounds per person is a good starting point. And the more corn, potatoes, mushrooms and sausage you include, the “safer” you are in making sure everyone leaves full and satisfied!