You want me to Suck What?

For those of us accustomed to Eating crawfish, the saying “pinch the tail and suck the head” is simply a phrase that illustrates how to eat those little mudbugs. But to those not used to eating Louisiana crawfish, these instructions will likely come as a surprise, or may even offend!
Even among veteran crawfish eaters, there are those who simply won’t suck the crawfish’s head. I guess I can unnderstand their hesitance to stick the head of this bright red, half-bug, half alien-looking creature in your mouth, but one you do you’ ll understand exactly crawfish lovers do it. That explosion of juicy cajun goodness you get from sucking the head is hard to beat! So the next time someone asks you to “suck the head” don’t get offended, just do it. You can thank us later!